Young entrepreneurs in Agro Food Park wants to take over the canned cocktail world

By Mathias Monrad Bruun

A few new start-ups have joined the startup environment the Incubator in Agro Food Park. One of these start-ups are Sparkly Drinks. A company managed by two business economy students Peter Thomsen and Alex Poulsen. Sparkly Drinks is a company that takes the cocktails we all know and love, pour them into a can and adds sparkles to make them easier to drink.

“It started with Alex calling me to tell me about the idea. First, I was a little skeptical, but after tasting a similar product, a cocktail on a bottle, but without sparkles, we decided that we could do better!” – Peter proclaims.

With a prototype recipe invented in a summerhouse with a SodaStream, Peter and Alex fought long and hard to find a production who could turn their prototype into a real product. They had to turn all the way to Austria to find someone willing to do the combination of a cocktail in a can with sparkles. With a real product in their hands, they have now joined Agro Food Park.

“We heard about Agro Food Park through my cousin, who works for LED Livestock. He told us about his great experiences and how grateful he had been to be a part of Agro Food Park. We contacted the Incubator, went for a visit and then we decided that we wanted to be part of it”, Alex tells.

So far, the young entrepreneurs are grateful for all the professional sparring, networking opportunities and the warm welcome that they have received in the Incubator and in Agro Food Park. They are looking forward to expanding their network, and learning more about the food industry, but also to help other start-ups with the knowledge they have gotten so far.

“We are a couple of ambitious guys, so of course we also have big ambitions for Sparkly Drinks. We want to be the people’s new favorite drink. It doesn’t matter if you are going to a party or going on a picnic, we want Sparkly Drinks to be the drink that you bring”, Peter said.

The next step for Sparkly Drinks will be to have their products on the shelf of their first store. They already have an agreement with their local supermarket to have a demo in April. Apart from that they are working hard on exposing themselves and broadening their awareness.

“We are planning on making more flavors, and we think the next one will be a basil smash. A drink with basil, gin, syrup and sparkling water. We are also looking into the possibilities of getting Sparkly Drinks on tap”, Alex said.

It is great to see newcomers in the Incubator and it’s great to see that life has returned to Agro Food Park post-corona. We wish Sparkly Drinks and all the new start-ups in the Incubator good luck with their future endeavors, and we are looking forward to following them on their journey.

Written: 29-03-2022