There is a little extra buzz in Agro Food Park this summer

Not a lot of people knows, but Agro Food Park actually has it's own beehive right outside Agro Food Park 15, which is sponsored by Agro Food Park and Food Job Nordic. This year the family has really grown, and they are really thriving in Agro Food Park. We like to have nature nearby, that is probably why we chose to build Agro Food Park in what was then the countryside.

The beehive is taken care of by a company called Bistad. But Bistad is not just a company that takes care of the bees. It is also a socio-economic company that gives vulnerable citizens a job. It's a place where they take people, who would have otherwise had a hard time getting or keeping a job, and then they give them a job with the kind of flexibility and purpose that they need. It is an honorable cause and a great idea, that we are proud to support. If you want to know more about Bistad and their initiatives, then check out their website at

Last week Lene Kiel Jensen, Found and Leader of Bistad, was so kind to come by and to visit the beehive with us, while explaining some interesting things about the bees. This is where she saw that the family had grown so much, that they need some extra space in the hive in the form of plates. In the video below you can see what kind of plates we talk about. Be sure to watch the whole video, where Lene tells many interesting facts about the bees while showing us around the Agro Food Park beehive. Did you for example know that there are various kinds of bees? There are worker bees, drone bees and of course queen bees. The worker bees are the ones collecting pollen, making honey, and building/maintaining the hive. The drones are the ones mating with the queen, but only the fittest drones are chosen. The queen is the one creating all the babies for the hive.

We can highly recommend getting a beehive with Bistad, if you have the space for it of course.