How is it going with Agro Food Park 26?

We are glad you asked. It's going well and everything seems to be on time according to the plan. Agro Food Park 26 will be done in late june, and then we will have to do some preparation before the companies starts moving in.

If you have not heard anything about Agro Food Park 26 yet, or if you just want to get all the information summerized. Then please check out the video below where Partner, Arkitekt Glenn Elmbæk from Arkitema shows around Agro Food Park 26, and explains the vision and intentions for the project.

If you want to see the development of the construction of Agro Food Park 26, then scroll further down.

Tag along while Glenn Elmbæk from Arkitema goes through the vision for Agro Food Park 26

Agro Food Park 26 development from drone perspective