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WildDetect is a company specialized in bird detection software. It was founded in 2012 as a spin-off at Aarhus University. The first series of intelligent scarecrows was the AniMan which has been on the market since 2012 .

Animan is an intelligent scarecrow that detects what kind of bird (seagulls, rooks, grey lag goose, barnacle goose, starlings) comes its way, and based on the detection, it emits their own sounds that these types of birds would find threatening, therefore scaring them away.
In 2017 the new version of the scarecrow is launched – called BirdAlert which is now compressed into a small yellow box – with the same technology as Animan, but upgraded so you can use other scare products together with the features that BirdAlert provides. Together with the Birdalert comes an app which now gives the possibility to gather information on the bird activity and manage other types of scare products.

The new product will be launched in start April. Read more about us on www.wilddetect.com.
The WildDetect team is excited to help for further questions, - info@wilddetect.com or call us at:  40294988